Tutorials : Shirt sleeve pin cushion

9 Apr

This is a very easy and lovely tutorial I found on internet . Enjoy !!

  1. Snip a cuff from a shirt you no longer wear.
  2. Button the cuff and turn it inside out. With a double thread, secure the end of the cuff closed.
  3. Cut two circle out of the shirt sleeve, 1/4in larger than your sewn cuff.
  4. With wrong sides out, sew one of the circle along the edge of the cuff folding the excess 1/4 inch over the edge.
  5. Repeat on other side with bottom circle, however this time leave an inch opening.
  6. Turn your pin cushion right side out and fill with uncooked rice.
  7. Sew up your opening and enjoy!

(Source: Internet)


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